HMS Neftemash has manufactured a gas dehydration unit for the «LUKOIL-PERM» company

Under the contract with “LUKOIL-PERM” OOO “HMS Neftemash” JSC (HMS Group) has manufactured and shipped a dehydration unit for oil associated gas under the project of gas compressor station Chashkino.

The unit is designed for reducing the water dew point of oil associated gas to a temperature not higher than minus 15 ° C by absorption method using tri-ethylene glycol as an absorbent and feeding boil-off gas. Glycol dehydration is a well-established method of gas dehydration, which provides efficient and continuous plant operation.

The technological system consists of columns, heat exchangers, vessels, separators, filters, pumps and auxiliary equipment. Application of plate heat exchangers instead of shell and tube ones allows reducing the unit overall dimensions. The unit is manufactured as modular equipment providing quick installation.

JSC HMS Neftemash has a proven track record in cooperation with public company “LUKOIL”; we have manufactured and shipped modular pump stations, automated metering units, oil metering units, water distribution units, separators and other oilfield equipment for this company’s facilities.

“HMS Neftemash”, JSC has been working at oil and gas field equipment market for over 50 years. Long standing experience of cooperation with the largest oil and gas companies proves trust in quality of produced equipment being the result of competitive contract terms. 

“HMS Neftemash” press service

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