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24.03.2015 “HMS Neftemash”, JSC has already commercialized production of NetOil&Gas multiphase flow meter

Under mass production of innovative Mera-MR metering unit “HMS Neftemash”, JSC has commercialized production of new NetOil&Gas multiphase flow meter. NetOil&Gas multiphase flow meter is a key metering assembly of  Mera-MR metering unit being fabricated by “HMS Neftemash”, JSC since 2014.

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22.01.2014 “HMS NEFTEMASH” was rewarded with All-Russian competition award “100 Best Russian Goods 2013» and “The Best Goods and Services of the Tyumen Region 2013”

On December 17, 2013 the government of the Tyumen Region awarded the winners of all-Russian competitions “100 Best Russian Goods” and “The Best Goods and Services of The Tyumen Region”.
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21.10.2013 ОАО "HMS Neftemash" was entitled to use “Invensys” know-how.

Being incorporated into the GMS group, ОАО "HMS Neftemash" has negotiated an agreement with the Russian subdivisions of Invensys International Holdings on getting the right to usage of know-how and software required for fabricating a multiphase mass flow meter NetOil&Gas (NOG).
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15.08.2013 ОАО "HMS Neftemash" has successfully tested the new metering plant at ОАО “Samaraneftegaz” oilfields.

ОАО "HMS Neftemash" has tested the new innovative solution - МЕРА-МФР (MERA – MFR) metering plant, equipped with NetOil&Gas (NOG) multi-stage mass flow-meter, which was done at Samaraneftegaz (“Rosneft”) oilfields in accordance with approved pilot testing program.
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28.06.2013 Developing cooperation
OAO “HMS Neftemash” has shipped six chamber sets for actuating flow equipment of oil pipelines for ООО “SK “RUSVJETPETRO”” company. detail >>

23.01.2013 ОАО "HMS Neftemash" executes a co-project together with Tyumen State University

Together with Tyumen State University ОАО “HMS Neftemash” is executing a project for manufacturing high-tech production of metering plants for metering produced oil and gas at the oilfields under finial production stage.
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28.09.2012 Summarizing Tyumen Exhibition "Oil and Gas. Energy - 2012 "

According to the results show our factory was awarded a diploma and a medal in the nomination "For the successful implementation of the latest technologies, equipment and services to the oil and gas industry." High honor was awarded a new development of our company - the block-box recycling bochkotary.
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