HMS Group is a dynamically growing diverse corporation that combines leading manufacturing, engineering and construction companies. Our markets are oil & gas, nuclear and thermal power generation, water supply & utilities, metallurgy etc.
EPC projects for oil & gas and water industry is the strategic direction of the HMS Group
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Today HMS Group is

  • one of leaders in pump and modular equipment manufacturing
  • 3 main businesses:  
    • Industrial Pumps
    • The Oil & Gas Equipment and Solutions
    • HMS Compressors 
  • over 15 000 enployees 
  • Among clients are major oil & gas, energy, steel & mining, water supply & utilities companies in Russia, CIS and abroad  

Main businesses of the Group:

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Pump development, manufacturing and servicing for

  • oil & gas: upstream, midstream, downstream
  • thermal and nuclear power
  • water supply & utilities;
  • steel & mining
  • chemical processing and other industrial applications 

Compressor development, manufacturing and servicing

  • Centrifugal, screw compressors and systems for various gases
  • Compressor stations;
  • Refrigerator. 
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Oil&gas equipment development, manufacturing and servicing

  • wide product range including modular systems for oil& gas field development
  • · Output metering and flow rate measuring instruments for oil & gas wells, meters and counters for oil & products, gas, steam and water
  • · repair and service maintenance. 
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EPC for oil & gas, water supply & utilities:

  • infrastructure for oil & gas field development
  • water supply and treatment facilities
  • main and infield oil & gas pipelines  

Companies of HMS Group

HMS Group consists of leading manufacturing, engineering and construction companies:

Hydromashservice is the integrated trading and engineering company of the HMS Group, founded in 1993, the bedrock of HMS Group and its development.